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Weathered Farmhouse Table


The Weathered Farmhouse Table is 6 feet long and 2.5 feet wide. It stands 3 feet high and is made of solid pine.


Farmhouse meets rustic, rugged craftsmanship in this 6 foot dining table.
This table is fashioned out of a love for craftsmanship and an appreciation for the time-worn charm of aged pieces. Beauty embodied in the grains of a wood that become as intricate to a family as the love shared between them.
Once treated, they begin to show forth the unique markings and strength that will age with your family as you enjoy meals around it.This rustic farmhouse table is 6 feet long and 2.5 feet wide. It stands 3 feet high. Made of solid pine.

The top is distressed by hand using a smattering of our signature aging techniques and then stained a weathered oak color pictured. The table can be stained in any color you like!
The legs and frame are painted a warm white. The legs are then distressed by hand as well.

This piece will be a conversation piece in your home for years and will bring family together.

Everyone has a seat at the table and all are welcome here. Join us for dinner at the Weathered Farmhouse Table.


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